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The Inspector Bill Slider Crime Collection Audiobook by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles (1~18 ) PDATED
English | CBR 48Kbps, 44 kHz| Audiobook Collection | All in One | 3.01 GB

All are narrated by Terry Wale. (The first ten titles could only ever be found on cassette tapes.)

"The Inspector Bill Slider Crime Collection Audiobook by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles (1~18 ) [UPDATED]"

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The Inspector Bill Slider Crime Collection Audiobook by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles (1~18 ) PDATED
English | CBR 48Kbps, 44 kHz| Audiobook Collection | All in One | 3.01 GB

All are narrated by Terry Wale. (The first ten titles could only ever be found on cassette tapes.)
The Slider mysteries have been hailed as one of the very best contemporary London police series - The Bill meets Inspector Morse!

#1. Orchestrated Death [1991], 10 hours 7 mins
(This title from cassette tapes does betray it's origin, but the narration is always clear - if a little muted and hollow sounding sometimes).
Detective Inspector Bill Slider - middle-class, middle-aged, and, according to his collegue Atherton, menopausal - is never going to make it to the Yard. Passed over for promotion again, saddled with an uncommodious wife and a ranch-style executive dog-kennel in Ruislip, the last thing he needs in his life, or on his patch, is an unidentifiable, naked female corpse. As he wrestles with an investigation in which the only clues are a priceless Stradivarius and a giant tin of olive oil - an investigation which takes him from the exotic back streets of Shepherd's Bush all the way to far-flung Birmingham - everyone, most of all Slider himself, is wondering whether this latest crisis will make or break the steely-eyed, furry-headed detective. And the unexpected advent of True Love might well prove one stimulus too many to his performance...

#2. Death Watch [1992], 10 hours 5 mins
When a noted womaniser dies in mysterious circumstances in a sleazy motel and the whole of his murky past comes to light, Slider begins to question more than whether the game is worth the candle. Right is right, and indivisible. As soon as he's solved the motel mystery, and found out what the Neary boys and gorgeous George are up to, Slider's going to have to start putting his own house in order...

#3. Necrochip [1992], 11 hours 2 mins (US title: Murder To Go)
Detective Inspector Bill Slider is puzzled when he's called to Dave's Fish and Chips Bar to investigate what appears to be a public health matter--a human finger mingled in with the fried potatoes. But when a stash of additional body parts turns up in the backyard trash, Slider's on to one of the most baffling murder cases of his career. It would be easy to hang the crime on the eatery's owner Ronnie Slaughter, given his late night tryst with the enigmatic victim. But Slider's not satisfied, and despite orders to the contrary, he pursues every angle through a tangled web of dark secrets, complicated connections, and criminal intrigue that has him reluctantly delving into the past life of his recently deceased boss--and in deadly confrontation with the new Superintendent.

#4. Dead End [1994] , 9 hours 17 mins (US title: Grave Music)
A call-out to a murder saves Detective Inspector Bill Slider from having to finish his canteen lunch, but presents him with the problem of a dead conductor - some musicians say the only good kind. In life Sir Stefan Radek was seriously famous and terminally unpleasant, but neither of these facts seem reason enough to gun him down in broad daylight, cold blood and a neo-Byzantine church in Shepherd's Bush. As Slider delves into the megastar's private life he finds there's no shortage of suspects: everyone seems tastelessly glad that Radek is dead. Plenty of people are not telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and lovers past and present - male and female - as well as a hotbed of family squabbles and financial shenanigans complicate an already tangled case....

#5. Blood Lines [1996], 10 hours 38 mins
With his violinist lady-love busy entertaining at Gleynbourne, Detective Inspector Bill Slider almost welcomes a call out to BBC TV Centre where a celebrated music critic appears to have topped himself - only minutes before due to appear live on a question show.
But there are signs that the body has been interfered with, and Slider suspects murder. One fellow panellist is known to have quarrelled violently with Greatrex just before his death, but won't say what about. Trouble is, two members of the production team also have motives for the murder; and nobody in the building has a proper alibi. Then a surprise new witness turns up to add to the confusion, by casting suspicion on one of Slider's own, a personal friend to boot.
Slider is under pressure to make an arrest, and all his instincts are at odds with the evidence. But a dangerous killer is on the loose, and could kill again...

#6. Killing Time [1996], 10 hours 28 mins
Slider was hoping for a quiet week. But erotic dancer Jay Paloma is murdered, only hours after complaining about poison pen letters, and Slider plunges into the seedy world of entertainment to question table-dancers, prostitutes, pimps, and cabinet ministers. Did Jay's murderer also whack popular "community cop" PC Cosgrave? What was Cosgrave's connection with prostitute Maroon Brown? Who exactly was blackmailing whom? And why on earth would an animal rights group storm a tacky Shepherd's Bush night club?

#7. Shallow Grave [1998], 11 hours 19 mins
Detective Inspector Bill Slider has always been keen on architecture - what Atherton calls his edifice complex - and the Old Rectory is the kind of house he would give anything to own. But the dead body of Jennifer Andrews, found in a hole on the terrace, rather spoils the view. It looks a straightforward case: Jennifer was a congenital flirt, and the hole was dug by her builder husband Eddie, who was violent and jealous. But questions remain unanswered. Why was Jennifer's body so unmarked? How did she reach her shallow grave unnoticed? And why would anyone want to be an estate agent?
#8. Blood Sinister [1999], 10 hours 41 mins
Award-winning ex-Guardian hack Phoebe Agnew had a name for championing the underdog - and for attacking the police in print. When her trussed and strangled body is found in her chaotic flat, Detective Inspector Slider must demonstrate the impartiality of the law and find her killer. On the day of her death the horribly undomesticated Agnew cooked an elaborate meal for someone. Was it her old friend (and reputed lover) Josh Prentiss? But Prentiss, a Government advisor, has powerful friends in the Home Office, and the pressure is on Slider to look elsewhere...

#9. Gone Tomorrow [2001], 11 hours 14 mins
When a body turns up in a gated Shepherd's Bush playground, DI Slider and his workaholic staff quickly realise that the victim was an unlikely candidate for murder. The baffling case of unlucky Lenny, a small-time dealer in stolen goods and drugs, blows open when, through a fortuitous but believable coincidence, Slider's sidekick and best friend, Det. Supt. Jim Atherton, discovers a connection between the victim and a mysterious crime syndicate. The meat of the story is how the methodical, intuitive Slider and his people identify the ringleader and unravel the mechanics of his organization, which ensures loyalty by viciously threatening its members.

#10. Dear Departed [2004], 10 hours 18 mins
Chattie Cornfeld was murdered while jogging in the park. She ran her own small marketing company and lived comfortably, perhaps too comfortably for her income. At first it looked as though she was the latest victim of the 'Park Killer', but it doesn't take Inspector Bill Slider and his colleague Atherton long to establish that someone was trying to pass the killing off as part of a pattern: only the pattern doesn't fit, this one was personal. Chattie was popular with all who crossed her path, and it was difficult to imagine she had gained any enemies. Turning to the two most popular motives for murder - money and passion - Slider and his team's investigation turn up some puzzling anomalies in her life, not least the number of men who counted themselves as her lover and the tangled relationships of her family. But none of the suspects can be made to fit what evidence they have, unless of course they've been mis-reading the evidence ...

#11. Game Over [2008], 9 hours 3 mins CD
The murder of any journalist is bound to whip the news media into a frenzy. So when ex-BBC correspondent Ed Stonax is found dead, the last thing Detective Inspector Bill Slider needs to complicate his life is the reappearance of an old enemy issuing death threats. Trevor Bates, aka The Needle, is on the loose and trying to kill him, and with a high-profile murder to solve, he must try to find a spare moment to marry Joanna before their baby is born - and stay alive long enough to do it...The eleventh Bill Slider Mystery finds the everyman hero grappling with corruption in high places as two old cases come back to haunt him.

#12. Fell Purpose [2009], 10 hours 42 mins CD
Bank Holiday Monday, and beautiful Zellah Wilding straight-A student, prefect, future Head Girl lies dead near the famous Wormwood Scrubs prison in London. What was this good Christian girl doing out there, dressed to kill, when she was supposed to be at a sleep-over with school friends? A secret boyfriend from a run-down estate and a recently-released rapist look tasty; or could the nearby fairground or prison have something to do with it? Detective Inspector Bill Slider and his team from Shepherd's Bush police station are soon investigating the murder of this young girl, not quite seventeen years old, strangled with a pair of women's tights....

#13. Body Line [2011], 10 hours 20 mins CD
David Rogers was a doctor, handsome, charming and rich. He lived the lifestyle of a consultant, expensive clothes, top restaurants, exclusive clubs - until someone killed him in the hallway of his lovely million-plus house. Was he killed for passion, professional jealousy, or plain old money? Bill Slider and his firm are thrown into the mystery, but they soon discover that nothing is as it seems, for though David's girlfriends are plenty, none of them can tell Slider anything about where he worked or exactly what it was he did . . .

#14. Kill My Darling [2011], 10 hours 22 mins CD
When Melanie Hunter goes missing, it is completely out of character for the polite, friendly palaeontologist, and the men in her life come under suspicion. And there's plenty to suspect: lies, half-truths, deceptions. Seems that when you pull one thread, the whole fabric of family life can come apart. It soon becomes clear that there are secrets in Melanie's past, and pain she tried to hide from the world. Bill Slider and his team investigate, and if they are to succeed then they will need to find the answer to two questions: who loved Melanie, and who loved her too much?

#15. Blood Never Dies [2012], 10 hours 14 mins CD
A scorching August day in London, and a handsome young man is found dead in his bath. Suicide is not a detective inspector's business, but Bill Slider's colleague takes one look at the body and calls in his boss: "It don't look right to me, guv." Slider has to agree. There's the method of death, a single slash to the jugular; men don?t usually cut. And his wallet and keys are missing. Either this was suicide with concealment in mind - or murder. But first Slider has to identify the victim, and as the trail leads through tattoo parlours and porn studios to Soho, Tin Pan Alley and Canary Wharf, it seems that the more he finds out, the less he really knows?

#16. Hard Going [2013], 9 hours 17 mins CD
The murder comes - much to Slider's family's disgust - during his week off, saving him from the horrors of a trip to the shopping centre with his two older children. The late Mr Lionel Bygood, who looks, to all intents and purposes, like an old-fashioned sort of gentleman, has been bashed in the head with a bronze statue, in what Doc Cameron describes as our old friend the "Frenzied Attack". It soon emerges that Mr Bygood was a philanthropist, well-known locally for giving help and advice to all who needed it, from all walks of life. But with all signs pointing to the victim knowing his killer, Slider and his team find themselves embroiled in an investigation that provides scant evidence or possible motive, but all too many suspects...

#17. Star Fall [2014], 9 hours 35 mins ED (thanks to Antoek)
Antiques expert Rowland Egerton, the darling of daytime TV, has been stabbed to death in his luxurious West London home. The press are going to be all over this one like a nasty rash: the pressure's on Slider for a result, and soon. Egerton's partner, the bulky, granite-faced John Lavender, found the body; did he also do the deed? Or was it a burglary gone wrong? A missing Faberge box and Impressionist painting point that way. But as Slider and his team investigate, none of the facts seem to fit. And it soon becomes clear that the much-loved, charming Mr Egerton wasn't as universally loved, or perhaps as charming, as Slider was first led to believe....

#18. One Under [2015], 9 hours 24 mins ED (thanks to Antoek)
A middle-aged man jumps under a tube train at Shepherd's Bush station, and a teenage girl is killed in a hit-and-run in a country lane puzzlingly far from her home on the White City Estate: two unrelated incidents which occupy DCI Bill Slider and his team during a slack period. At least it's a change of speed after the grind of domestics, burglaries and Community Liaison. But links to a cold case - another dead teenager, pulled out of the River Thames - create doubts as to whether they are indeed unrelated. And slowly a trail of corruption and betrayal is uncovered, leading Slider and his firm ever deeper into a morass of horror....

The Inspector Bill Slider Crime Collection Audiobook by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles (1~18 ) [UPDATED]

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